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Seasonal Issue


Yarn Dyed

Yarn Dyed is a way of warping and wefting different colour of dyed yarns. Our wide range of products include poplin, Oxford, chambray, checks, double layers and faux-denim etc. in Top and Bottom weights with and without stretch.


Rotary Printing / Digital solution

Clients are offered a variety of choices because we adopt gray cloth weaving and dyeing finishing process which use various colourants to create different patterns, lines and colour. 

It is believed that digital printing is the future of developing fabric. Digital jet printing technology is adopted to print patterns, both layers and 3D effect can be enhanced and improved. In such ways, details of pattern can be perfectly achieved, while the cloth looks more natural, lines are smoother and layers richer.

Cotton/ Stretch-Cotton

Cotton features strong water absorbing power, breathable, antibacterial and soft; stretch-cotton on the other hand, is elastic and comfortable.


Taking cotton as the major material, corduroy is also made of polyester, acrylic fabric and spandex. The surface looks similar to horizontal velvet while it features softness and sound proof.

Eco / sustainable

Sustainable Fabric refers to fabrics derived from eco-friendly resources, such as sustainably grown fibre crops or recycled materials. Raw Material sourced from around the world and the concept of environmental concern with low carbon footprint from manufacturing process to transportation such as 100% PET Recycle Yarn , 100% organic Fibre. Considered from the end user and the nature environment point of view
for the future generation.


Fashionable Fabric meet functional feature is one of the key element while consider the concepts of Fabric development for Today’s consumer. Water repellent , Moisture management , Antibacterial, weather proof.